Eat These Foods For Menopause Health

Fresh whole foods for menopause help support your hormonal balance and make menopause a breeze. 

You don't need drugs or hormones to deal with your menopause symptoms.  You can do balance your hormones naturally at every meal.

The plain truth is that when you're 40 or 50 you can't eat the same way you did in your 20s.  Your hormones need different nourishment. 

Making small adjustments in your diet and adding certain foods can go a long way in relieving your midlife symptoms. 

When I was going through peri-menopause I was bothered by hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, and weight gain. 

What was going on?

Balance Estrogen With Whole Foods

One big problem as you launch into peri-menopause is that your hormones can fluctuate wildly.  Estrogen especially can get out of balance.

I learned early on that I could help control estrogen levels by making one simple change in my diet. 

The secret was increasing the fiber in my diet. 

Other foods are also effective in calming menopause symptoms.  And some - like sugar - just make things worse. 

Choose The Right Menopause Foods

Choosing the right foods when you're in peri-menopause or menopause can help you lose weight and even that stubborn belly fat.

And the right foods can cool hot flashes.  They can even help you sleep better by getting rid of night sweats. 

When you choose nourishing foods you'll be able to:

  • manage your metabolic fire to burn more calories
  • control insulin to control weight
  • quiet mood swings
  • lift depression
  • control hot flashes and night sweats
  • balance your hormones naturally
  • relieve stress
  • protect your heart health
  • lower your breast cancer risk

What You Need To Know About Healthy Eating During Menopause

On the Integrative Menopause website you'll discover exactly what you need to know about eating right for menopause including:

Quick Start Guide To Foods For Menopause

Anxious to get started?

Here are just a few basic concepts you can use right away. 

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